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Princess Popcorn

As with a lot of food, I can't leave it alone. So, when the girls asked for a popcorn snack, I took it up a level. It amazed the little ones, made me the hero and...

Kid Friendly Fish Sticks

I want easy and quick. But, what's hard to swallow is not knowing what's in the food I serve my children. I've always wanted them to eat fish and I found a way to do it!

Fish Tacos – On the Grill

I'm always on the hunt for a great fish taco. If it's on a menu of a restaurant I visit, I'm going to try it (most likely). Here's a simple approach to fish tacos...

Summer Veges

Veges and the Grill: The Perfect Combo.

Grilled. Summer. Veges. Enough Said.

Why Not Ask: You’re Already at No.

Why not ask. You're already at 'no.' You've got nothing to lose.

Building Home

Building Our Future House

Building your dream home. How do you get everything you've ever wanted in one home?

Operation 25.5 – The Breakdown

I broke down -- the gears stopped working, the gunk has built up and I have not yet met my 20 lb lost goal.

Do Onto Others.

Respect. Put yourself in their shoes - whether at home or work. This is too easy to forget.

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How does your garden grow?

An update on my garden. An 'effort' of love.

Breakfast in bed. Happy Mother’s Day

Dedicated to Mom – a start to a great day.  Cinnamon rolls, with coffee. Homemade cards and HGTV.  The entire family cuddled together celebrating Mom. Let’s do this every day.  Here’s to Mom!

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