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Negatives Always Negate the Positives

Work Smart Wednesday – Changing the Rules. We learned it in math class.  Take a positive number, multiply it by a negative and you’ll get a negative. It’s so true in many facets of live.  This week...

Garlic-Infused Olive Oil

Just in time for Easter. Enjoy these tips/recipes for a favorite 'condiment.'

Operation 25.5: The Right Kind of Reward

After loosing 15 lbs I am focusing on rewarding myself with different types of indulgences - meaning something I WANT - not something I NEED.

Unperplex your Eczema ~ Theraplex

One thing I know for sure, dealing with childhood Eczema is tough. It is a constant battle, and when the Eczema is coupled with allergies, yikes. It can get messy and be downright painful for our little...

Will Someone Finance My Dream?

Dream a Little Dream – But Who Will Pay For It? Do you have a dream? A dream that whispers?  Sometimes screams at you? You are distracted by it.  But then you refocus on the task at...

Give your shower a makeover for $25.

Think you can't re-grout your tired and grungy tile? Well if I did it, you can.

Teach Smart Wednesday

What Would You Want From a Guest Lecturer? Today, I was the guest lecturer for a Marketing class at the University of Tampa.  I was invited to come in and share my marketing wisdom.  I think it...

Making Your Grocery List AT the Store.

Making Your Grocery List AT the Store.

Shop for the week ahead – but don’t plan ahead. So, we’ve all heard to 1) never go to a grocery store hungry and 2) go prepared with a list.  I agree with both – to an...

An Easter Wreath

The other morning I was rushing around and heard a knock on the front door. My goodness "who could that be on a school morning so early?"