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Operation 25.5: Taking on Barefoot

My non-diet cookbooks do not have to be the enemy, they just need a little healthy "coaxing" to get over to the smart eating side of things ...

Beyond Barbie and Belle

Barbie, Belle, Cinderella step aside. There is more to life than glass slippers and a crown!

Cholesterol: Who Invited You?

Cholesterol: Who Invited You?

How ironic, this foodie is presented with yet another food challenge. Notice I didn't say 'limitation.'

Adjusting to Change With a Broken Arm

Princess broke her arm. Wish I could have a do over on that one, but I can’t. So, for now, we have to change our daily routine to include a bulky cast and a healing bone.

Coaching Moments at Work

When faced with a moment of uncertainty, various professionals look at those moments in time as coaching opportunities. I've identified this during the past few weeks and it's really piqued my interest.

Birthday Party Invitations – Pretty easy and so pretty.

As a graphic designer by profession, I just love when things are designed with heart and skill. There is no more better a way for me to show this than in a simple and lovely card or,...

Confession: Can Work Save Me from Mommy Moments?

This past Tuesday was tough and a bad mommy day. Last Tuesday made me realize that the journey of motherhood is never-ending.

Fruit Pizza – A Favorite Family Recipe

This recipe is one of my favorite dessert recipes! Although it has several steps, it’s easy and fun to make and is always a big hit at parties.

Operation 25.5: Falling Down While Pushing Forward

After four weeks on my quest to loose weight and be healthy, I have realized one thing: Falling down, and falling down often, is part of moving forward.

Do as I Do. And, as I say.

Turning Obligations into Inspirations. I truly believe “If You Want a Passionate Child Then Live a Passionate Life.” I heard that quote from Kim McManus of the Erwin McManus duo. And it stuck. The husband and wife...