Live (and work) Inspired.

Work Smart Wednesday: Everyone is doing it. Giving Inspirational Advice.

I was inspired to write this Work Smart Wednesday. Truly inspired. And, words of inspiration were not hard to come by. Maybe I’m just more open to it, but it seems like there are plenty of “words to inspire” going around – and I dig it. Google ‘words of inspiration‘ and you get 74 MILLION results. And, there’s even an app for that – yep, and app for your virtual life coach. So, how do you take it all in and which ones apply to you?  I would recommend this: Put it through your inspirational filter.


Yes. Your inspirational filter. Because I have a natural interest in those inspiring words and coaching moments, and living the best me, I tend to seek out words and stories of inspiration.  I reference them as tools to develop the best me. Some work. Some don’t. I tend to read and listen – and the ones that I relate to naturally stick.  And, I filter out those who are meant for others (believe me, some are too out there for me – but perfect for someone else). And, revisit those meant for you.

My favorite inspirational line so far: “Imagine your life on the other side of fear.” It’s helped me in work and in my personal life.  Thanks to that line from Erwin McManus and most importantly endless exercises from ‘sessions with a life coach,’ I’ve learned to seek words of inspiration.  It’s a gift when they stick.  And, a gift for someone else when they don’t.

So, be your best by living (and working) inspired. Inspired by words of self-learning and stories about those just like you. Explore words and stories of inspiration – I guarantee you will find some were meant for you.  You will remember some forever, and use them constantly. Enjoy the ones that were meant for you.


Combining his love of food and communications, Rod is a marketing guru with extensive experience in the healthcare, restaurant and luxury services industry. Rod’s special talent is cooking. He makes magic in the kitchen by relying on fresh foods and unique flavors. He is married to Beth, and together they have two little girls. Rod and Beth have the perfect Live Pretty partnership: he cooks fabulous dishes and she creates the beautiful ambiance that combines to make their events special and unforgettable.

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  1. Jen — April 3, 2012 @ 12:53 pm (#

    Hi Rod, great post. I love that you said, “…and I dig it.”


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