Coaching Moments at Work

Work Smart Wednesday: From Uncomfortable Moments to Coaching Moments

When faced with a moment of uncertainty, various professionals look at those moments in time as coaching opportunities. I’ve identified this during the past few weeks and it’s really piqued my interest.

Whether I’m in a situation in which I’m not quite sure how to exactly handle the next steps, or I am in a discussion with a team member and it’s clear they need assistance, coaching moments benefit both parties.  For the ‘adviser’ it’s an opportunity to share knowledge, insight and history.  For the one needing advice, it’s time to absorb, take in the experience of others and apply it to your situation.

You may not know it, but you run into coaching moments ALL the time. Either way, identify such moments and use them.  We are presented with them for a reason.  Don’t think of those moments as awkward, and don’t just try to get through them.  Slowly walk through them. Leverage your co-workers’ knowledge.

Now, I’ll admit I’m guilty of wanting to take the easy way at out times.  For those needing the support, I’ve found myself just wanting to do it myself to get it done. It’s faster, right? But, that’s not fair. That would not be beneficial for anyone (well, except the one for whom you’re doing the work).  I wouldn’t want my superiors to just do it for me.  I want to learn – and still do. So, I’ve made an effort to identify coaching moments and either ‘direct’ or ‘support’ my team members, or simply admit I need help for those who have been in my shoes.

Here’s your challenge this week:
Identify a coaching moment for yourself, and one that you can do the coaching.  It can happen at any level – trust me.  We can all learn from one another.


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