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Gettin’ dirty with your kids

Kids are so curious. They love to touch, see, smell and experience anything new and exciting. They love to play and they LOVE to get messy.

Live (and work) Inspired.

Work Smart Wednesday: Everyone is doing it. Giving Inspirational Advice. I was inspired to write this Work Smart Wednesday. Truly inspired. And, words of inspiration were not hard to come by. Maybe I’m just more open to...

Operation 25.5: Am I Teaching Her the Right Lesson?

Am I sending my munchkin the right message about exercising and being healthy?

Crazy Cute Cupcakes

Princess recently turned 6. For her garden-themed Birthday party she decreed that flower and butterfly cupcakes should be on the menu. Sounded simple enough, but how does one make a flower and/or butterfly cupcake?

Adult Sippy Cup

Drinking 8 cups of water a day is tough ... enter my savior: the Adult Sippy Cup.

Wine Cork ~ Cork Board

We always seem to have a big pile of used wine corks in our house so occurred to me the other day, "why not reuse them?" Every kitchen needs a spot to post notes, and a “cork”...

In Honor of…Friends.

This week we celebrate a good friend, Simon Andersen.  In honor of Simon, I dedicate this blog post to him – and simply allowing yourself to the joys of life. As we bustle through this thing called...

What to do with left over Crudités? Make Vegetable Soup!

A super delicious, healthy and quick way to make great use of any left over veggies that you have lying around.

Your Personal Board of Directors

Work Smart Wednesday exercise: Build Your Personal Board of Directors.

Let go of worry: Part 2 – What goes in, must come out.

And now back to the drama that is Princess’s broken arm. So, what was next? Well the highly anticipated removal of the cast and the dreaded, at least dreaded for me, extraction of the pins.