Classic Chocolate Martini

Looking for something special to make your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? I recommend this classic chocolate martini. It’s a favorite of mine because of its simplicity and smoothness. It’s more like a cocktail and less like a dessert.

All you need is vodka, creme de cacao and chocolate syrup, or a chocolate kiss, for garnish. Just don’t offer one to Aunt Abbey. She had a bad run-in with one years ago, but it wasn’t mine. It was one of those yucky creamy kinds. Just ask Rod for details.

Classic Chocolate Martini
3 oz. Vodka
1 oz. Creme de Cacao (white or dark can be used)

Garnish –
Chocolate Syrup or Chocolate Kiss

First, decorate the glass with chocolate syrup. I like to just add chocolate dots along the rim. They drip down the sides of the glass adding a pretty striped effect. In a cocktail shaker, combine 3 oz. vodka and 1 oz of Creme de Cocoa. Shake, pour and enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Katherine Montgomery

Katherine is a professional graphic designer and amateur mixologist. She has infinite patience and pays uncanny attention to the most minute details to make the world around her more beautiful. Whether ensuring that a picture frame is properly hung or making one of her delicious signature cocktails, rest assured that everything becomes just a bit (or a lot) prettier in Katherine’s hands. It is no surprise that she has a knack for planning great events like bridal showers and birthday parties, putting her in good company with the rest of the Live Pretty family. Katherine also has an excellent eye for interior design, a skill she is fine-tuning following the purchase of her first home.

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