Winter in Florida: Let’s Go OUTSIDE To Play

When the rest of the nation is digging out in February, we are embracing every outdoor activity we can find. Winter in Florida is truly the best time of year. Temperatures aside, though they are picture perfect, the sky is bright blue. The rain is pretty much non-existent. The bugs are  hiding out and the birds abound, thanks to our friends to the north.

In a place where summer temperatures sore into the 90s, winter in Florida is quite the opposite. This is our time  to get out and soak in the natural beauty that abounds up and down our expansive coastal beaches, parks and neighborhoods.

This past weekend I had the great opportunity to introduce our girls to a new beach only moments from our new home near Tampa. Once the fear of the unfamiliar sand in their toes passed, they squealed with glee, and ran and ran and ran. Watching them delight in the natural beauty all around was such a treat and gift. They dug in the sand and built castles. They made up new games, collected shells and bounced with delight as they watched dolphins frolic just off the shore line.

No “Leapster” games. No “NickJr.” No crayons, paints, dollies or glue. Just absolute entertainment and delight in exploring their natural world. So, this weekend, we can’t wait to do it again. This time, I’m bringing my book and umbrella. They are bringing their kites and maybe a Barbie or two; heaven knows the sand castle needs stylish residents.

We will all soak in the beauty that is winter in Florida.

Elizabeth Montgomery James

After living in California for several years, Beth and her husband, Rod, relocated to Florida, to live, work, and play. They have two adorable daughters, and Beth is very involved with her children’s schools as a parent volunteer, Daisy troupe, and other community organizations such as the Junior League. Beth enjoys crafts, yoga and fitness, as well as a nice glass of Chardonnay. Beth is a graphic designer who has worked on national and international ad campaigns for top consumer brands, and now brings her talents to a variety of projects in and around Central Florida. In addition for bringing classic elegance to everything she touches, Beth has a natural talent for making everything pretty, from kids’ birthday parties to her garden.

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  1. Kathy Irvine — February 12, 2011 @ 1:51 pm (#

    Florida west coast beaches are the best in the state. My favorite is Clearwater Beach, but of course, I grew up on that beach.


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