Time Out: Stress Reduction 101

Every get to the end of your day, crawl into bed and realize that this is the first time you have been still all day? Nap time or quiet time is something that is scheduled into our children’s days early on, and continues even when they begin grade school. Why have we forgotten to take that time for ourselves as grown ups? Why have we instead chosen to push ourselves to “utilize” every minute of every day to do every thing?

This new year, and now this new month, take a moment to reevaluate your day. Try to give yourself a gift of “quiet time” each and every day. If this means waking a few minutes early to sit quietly in a dark house before the spinning of the day begins, or taking a little longer to get out of your car once you arrive at the office. Whatever you can do, wherever you can take it, take it. Take a minute or two, or twenty, alone, in silence, not doing a thing. Just breathe. You may find that your anxiety, blood pressure, worries or whatever lessens, and your mind clears.

Call it meditation, call it a time out, whatever you call it, do it!

Elizabeth Montgomery James

After living in California for several years, Beth and her husband, Rod, relocated to Florida, to live, work, and play. They have two adorable daughters, and Beth is very involved with her children’s schools as a parent volunteer, Daisy troupe, and other community organizations such as the Junior League. Beth enjoys crafts, yoga and fitness, as well as a nice glass of Chardonnay. Beth is a graphic designer who has worked on national and international ad campaigns for top consumer brands, and now brings her talents to a variety of projects in and around Central Florida. In addition for bringing classic elegance to everything she touches, Beth has a natural talent for making everything pretty, from kids’ birthday parties to her garden.

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