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Moving: Chapter 1- Your Stuff (Clean Out First!)

We just moved. After 6 years in an awesome home around the corner from our entire family, we moved. Why? Work, why else. It’s a good thing, but it is a big thing and moving a 2600...

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Flower Power

For Christmas, I decided to embellish a headband for Madame Butterfly with a giant flower. She has this tendency to wear her headbands around her forehead like a tiara, so the floppier, the better. You can make...

Lotus' Spread


For years, my husband, Reddy Kilowatt, me, and friends, Lotus Blossom and Uncle Buck, have been getting together to celebrate Fridays: TGIF.


Putting Away Baby

This past weekend I had one simple mission — clean out my daughter’s overflowing, overstuffed closets and dresser, and get the room clean and make it a usable space for munchkin and her growing menagerie of stuffed...

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Crayon Cupcakes

Looking for something fun and engaging to do with your children that doesn’t cost a dime and in the process teaches a great lesson in reusing/recycling old and unwanted items? Well, I stumbled onto this fun craft...

Easy Elegance

Simplicity – Eat, Pray, Love Inspired.

Looking for an easy, yet gourmet-esque lunch or dinner?  Got it. The most memorable scene for me in Eat, Pray, Love is the ‘anti-pasta’ scene.  The simplicity of the dish caught my attention and the next night...


Things Dad Taught Us: Taking Down Christmas Lights

If you haven’t done so already it’s that time again to take down the Christmas lights -- usually the least favorite part for most people, but my dad taught us a trick ...


Choose Wellness for 2011, Again

Wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational seems to be everywhere we read these days. I embraced the idea 2 years ago after having 2 major surgeries, the second one being a total hip replacement.


All That Glitters…

Aunt Abbey gives us a step-by-step guide using stencils and glitter to decorate t-shirts.

These were a gift for my boyfriend.  He was afraid to use them at first, and actually went out and bought coasters...

Fun With Mod Podge

Learn to make coasters: an easy and inexpensive gift!