For years, my husband, Reddy Kilowatt, me, and friends, Lotus Blossom and Uncle Buck, have been getting together to celebrate Fridays: TGIF.  It started out when Reddy and Buck, our two stressed out engineers, just had to get together to drink beer and discuss the week’s events at work.  Buck and Reddy work for a German engineering firm and have ample opportunities to refine their beer palettes all over the world while on assignment with their jobs.  Believe me, they have refined and refined and refined.  Reddy even has a shirt quoting Benjamin Franklin saying “Beer is the proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”.  Who knows if ol’ Ben ever said that, but Reddy has worn that shirt into faded bliss.  Reddy has also hand-carried beer drinking glasses on overseas flights that his German friends have given him.

Reddy, Lotus and Buck — A Fine Crew They Are

The menu for TGIF set by the guys is simple: beer and Doritos.  I wonder if Frito Lay knows how dedicated those two are to their Doritos.  Reddy and Buck think that most of the four basic food groups are all in their somewhere.  They require no other food or drink.  Lotus Blossom and I are also involved in this little get-together, so we have taken it a little farther, e.g., martinis, fine red and white wines, steaks or salmon on the grill, fine salads, and dozens of appetizers have all been tried over the years.  No matter what kind of fare we provide, beer and Doritos are still required somewhere on the menu.

We have had dozens of people attend these events.  Family members of all ages float in and out of the picture, other friends all contribute food stuffs and some libation, and of course, the Germans, Chinese, English, etc.  I remember the morning my lovely cocker spaniel, Abby, died several years ago.  That night I had 12 Germans raise their glasses to her life and her love.

But last night Lotus Blossom surprised us.  She certainly outdid herself.  There were no Doritos around.  Beer and fine wine flowed like water, though.  She prepared a prime rib beef roast, vegetable sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes, Caprese salad, and Asiago bread.  It was spectacular.  And, to our surprise Doritos were not even mentioned by any engineer.

Lotus' Spread

So let’s hear it for Lotus Blossom and TGIF!!!  May they both live on for a very long time.

Santa and the Coke machine reside at the home of Lotus Blossom and Uncle Buck helping to celebrate every time.

And as for Reddy, anyone know where I can get him a new Ben Franklin beer drinking shirt for his 65th birthday?

The matriarch of Live Pretty, Roseddy, lives with her husband and children in Orlando, Florida. She is a native of Waynesburg, PA, but she has called the Sunshine State home for over thirty years. In addition to being a fantastic cook, Roseddy is an accomplished seamstress and former Home Economics instructor. Her flower arranging talents are the stuff of legend, and she is a valued member of her church’s altar guild. Roseddy enjoys entertaining, traveling with her husband, and, of course, a good martini.

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4 Responses to “A Fine TGIF”

  1. John Laycak — January 13, 2011 @ 9:22 pm (#

    Efiin “A”! Very nicely done. Great story and great picture, you guys. It would be nice to be with you, but I’ve been placed on the “No Fly” list. Go figure.




  2. Heidi Hebden — January 14, 2011 @ 10:19 am (#

    OMG! I miss our friday nights in Orlando with you guys! The only thing that keeps me going up here in cold Milwaukee is the prospect that my 4 month old son is gettng proper “friday night beer” training in the Brew City…he looks forward to the day when he can kick back with grandpa and Uncle Lon with a Lindenklugels…which he should be ready in, oh, 3 months 🙂

    P.S. John, YOU SOUND HYSTERICAL!!!! My parents have told me many a-funny stories about you. Keep raising Hell!!!

    Love to all of you,
    Heidi, Mike and Noah


    • Roseddy replied: — January 15th, 2011 @ 3:57 pm


      Little Noah is so adorable in his Steelers’ outfit. Goooooo Steelers. We miss you guys so much and look forward to your visit to Central Florida in February. We’ll do a blog post on our reunion.

      Love you all,

  3. Bobbie Morrow — January 18, 2011 @ 3:24 pm (#

    Sooo cool!

    I’ll take prime over Doritos anyday.

    Great story – great writing!


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