Choose Wellness for 2011, Again

Wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational seems to be everywhere we read these days.  I embraced the idea 2 years ago after having 2 major surgeries, the second one being a total hip replacement.  After I managed to get over myself and my pain at a physical therapy session, I actually looked around at the other folks there exercising.  I realized they didn’t have a therapist with them.  They were actually doing all this hard work on their own and enjoying it.  They were talking to each other, laughing, telling jokes, moaning about the work but pushing the bar just a little higher to lift more weight, walk more minutes, increase that incline on the treadmill.  I was shocked to see people really enjoying exercise mainly because I never did.

After the surgeries I had gained weight, my blood pressure meds were increased to 4 a day.  I hated the way I looked, and I felt just as bad.  It was just like some people say.  One day I got up and said “enough. I’m over it!”.  I also realized that if I didn’t keep moving I was never going to move again so I anxiously joined the Wellness Program.  I remember journaling that this was “my time to get my life back, a gift of time to make the rest of my life better” and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass me by.

Exercise was the first step.  Then, after several months I realized that the blood pressure medicine had to go; the blood sugars had to be normal.  If I had any control over these things, now was the time to try.  So, I began a weight loss program and lost enough to get new clothes and give the old ones away, reduce the blood pressure meds down to 1 1/2 pills a day and get that blood sugar into the normal range.  This took about 8 months.

Wellness was now a real part of my life.  Then, I took it one step further.  Now that I was officially retired, a good friend of mine called to ask me to attend a ladies bible study at her church.  I knew the author of these studies,  having been exposed to her type of study in the past.  Homework EVERY day. Lots of Bible work, questions to answer, classes to attend.  But, I didn’t hesitate for a moment to say a resounding “yes”.  This spiritual wellness was a much needed step so I went for it.

That’s my life now.  Wellness everywhere I go, every day of my life.  I do feel good.  I continue my weight struggles especially now after the holidays and the fact that those new jeans just don’t fit right.  I began anew my exercise program for 2011 this week. So three times a week you’ll find me at that gym with my “friends” pumping iron, bicycles, treadmills, crunches, and stretches.  I listen to the stories of their lives, hear about the war (any war, the big II, Vietnam and Desert Storm), stock market, politics, family, recipes, vacations and jokes.  A new bible study begins at my church this time with a new set of ladies, a new priest and thankfulness for this gift I have been given, this second chance at life and a Wellness life style.

NOTE: Photo courtesy of Tiffany Findley.

The matriarch of Live Pretty, Roseddy, lives with her husband and children in Orlando, Florida. She is a native of Waynesburg, PA, but she has called the Sunshine State home for over thirty years. In addition to being a fantastic cook, Roseddy is an accomplished seamstress and former Home Economics instructor. Her flower arranging talents are the stuff of legend, and she is a valued member of her church’s altar guild. Roseddy enjoys entertaining, traveling with her husband, and, of course, a good martini.

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